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TLDR: Anna makes music, writes stories, and takes photos. Sometimes it gets a bit jumbled so it can be hard to know when one thing starts and another ends.


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Travelling through space for several millennium, Anna Papij collected sound frequencies, stories, and photos, from across the galaxies. After crash landing on Earth, she salvaged these treasures, and now spends her time sprinkling them across the planet for other lost souls.


On Earth, Anna likes coffee and cats. She can sometimes be seen gazing at the sky searching for home.

List of things:


Into The Dawn (2017)
Reflections & Invocations (2018)
The Calm Album (2018)
Expressions (2018)
From the Spheres (2018)
Selected Soundscapes (2020)
Aspects (2020)
Dream Frequency (2021)
C.A.L.M. (2021)
Space Dust (2021)
The Witch Files (2021)
Space Travels (2022)
Always Beautiful (2023)


Flowers for the Resting short film score (2023)


Australia’s Top Emerging Photographers 2021 Highly Commended Award – Elsewhere photo
The Mono Awards 2021 Commended Award – Sunrays Over Mountains photo
Australia’s Top Emerging Photographers 2022 Commended Award (Art Category) – Space Train portfolio
The Mono Awards 2022 Commended Award – Snow Gum photo
The Mono Awards 2022 Highly Commended Award – Mountain Clouds photo
Australia’s Top Emerging Photographers 2023 Commended Award (Black and White Category) – Resting in Peace portfolio
The Mono Awards 2023 Commended Award – Misty Lake photo
The Mono Awards 2023 Highly Commended Award – Misty Birds photo
Photographer of the Year 2023 Highly Commended Award (Nature & Animal category)– Autumn portfolio


June 2019 – Brunswick Street Gallery’s 2019 Small Works Art Prize
September 2021 – Monash Gallery of Art – one work in STAGES: Life in Lockdown Exhibition


PENinsula Literary Journal (2020) – two photographs
The Victorian Writer (2022) – “Flicker” short story published
The Victorian Writer (2023) – “Blues” short story published
The Victorian Writer (2023) – “Lunar” short story published
Soul (2024) – “The Windows to the Soul” short story in anthology, Mansfield Readers and Writers Inc
Scott Snyder Presents: Tales from the Cloakroom (2024) – one shot comic in anthology, Thorny Comics
Plus many zines from 2015 onwards


Victorian College of the Arts – Bachelor of Music (Performance) (2003)

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